Haas became the latest F1 team to take their car to the track while Lewis Hamilton was given a warning about his move to Ferrari.

We are one day away from the second week of car launches beginning and with teams like Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari still to come, the 2024 season is beginning to feel real.

We had more cars out on track in the shape of Haas while Hamilton was given a tip on how to survive in Maranello.

Haas take to Silverstone for shakedown

Haas took to Silverstone on Sunday to test their new VF-24 and posted a short clip on social media which saw the car leaving the pit lane for the first time.

This comes hot on the heels of Stake F1, who ran their new car in Barcelona on Saturday as the run-up to pre-season testing in Bahrain next week continues.

Haas were the first team to launch their official car earlier in February, and have now run their car in earnest for the first time ahead of the new season.

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Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari warning

Elsewhere, Lewis Hamilton was told he must be “subordinate” if he is to make a success of his move to Ferrari for the F1 2025 season.

The words of advice came from Hans-Joachim Stuck who believes life at Maranello will be “a completely new experience” for the seven-time World Champion.

“Hamilton is a special personality,” Stuck said.

“But whether he can cope with the Ferrari system, where everything works a little differently, is something I’m curious to see.

“Of course, Hamilton will have had this step rewarded with his salary, and he deserves it. But he now has to subordinate himself. He is certainly not used to that.”

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Nico Hulkenberg clarifies Haas future

We’ve all been in the situation when a joke gets taken too far and that is what happened to Nico Hulkenberg. During Haas;’ launch last week, he joked he had signed a new deal for 2025 which one journalist mistakenly took for truth.

The report was later dismissed by Hulkenberg and Haas but the German said deals could take place “over the next few months.”

“That will happen over time,” he said.

“A lot has already happened but, of course, much, much more will happen over the next few months.”

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Las Vegas changes Esteban Ocon preparation plan

With 24 races to come, 2024 will pose a problem for the drivers who will find it difficult to keep their bodies in pristine condition.

There is one race that Esteban Ocon has highlighted though and said he will make changes when F1 returns to Nevada.

“Yeah, I will do something very different – that’s clear,” he said.

“But yeah, I got quite unlucky with the Las Vegas event.

“Obviously, we were meeting a lot of people in that weekend, and we didn’t see the sunlight for four or five days.

“So it was quite hard and everyone got sick, 80 percent of the paddock or so got sick at the time, but yes, I’m going to be doing things very differently this year.”

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Lewis Hamilton likened to Lionel Messi?

It may have taken place over a week ago now but some people are still struggling to get their heads round Hamilton’s move to Ferrari.

One of those is Alex Alon who believes it was similar to when football star Lionel Messi moved to Miami.

“For me, it just shows you how big Lewis is, seeing the stock of Ferrari going up as much as it did and just seeing the general perception of the news,” he continued.

“It was kind of one of those pinch yourself moments. I think there are so many rumours going over the winter, you didn’t know what had any kind of credibility or not and the Ferrari one definitely seemed to be a rumour to me at the very beginning of the story, and then it turned out to be a real thing.

“So no, great. It reminds me of the Messi Miami transfer on such a huge scale and just shows you the appetite for Formula 1.”

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