With the presentation of Aston Martin's AMR24, the second week of car launches in Formula 1 kicked off early on Monday. Over the next few days, the last four teams on the F1 grid will follow. Ferrari will launch on Tuesday, with Mercedes and McLaren following on Wednesday. On Thursday, world champions Red Bull Racing will reveal their car to the world. Here are the main topics for the next few days!


Apparently, the experiment of allowing spectators (fans and media) to attend the Ferrari shakedown last season was not so well-liked. It will be a quieter presentation compared to the previous year. The car with which Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will start the season will be unveiled online. There will then be an opportunity for the media to attend a virtual press conference. It is easy to imagine that most questions will not be about the 2024 car.

Recently, Ferrari surprised friend and foe (Mercedes) by recruiting Lewis Hamilton for the 2025 season. The confirmation from Italy came via a very brief press release, with just a single sentence. Further questions about the seven-time world champion's arrival were brushed off. There will be no escape on Tuesday, and a barrage of questions will be fired at the team. Ferrari's 2024 launch is actually mostly about 2025.


The new McLaren will no longer be a surprise on Wednesday. A few weeks ago, the British team shared a livery with the world via their social media channels. That was done on an older McLaren model, and on Wednesday, we will see the car Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri will use in 2024.

The new McLaren will be a further development of the car that ended the 2023 season in Abu Dhabi. That car regularly competed for podium places. The biggest question for next season is whether McLaren has managed to creep closer to Red Bull Racing. We must wait until the test days in Bahrain to get confirmation.


Two tough seasons have occurred for Mercedes: the best in Formula 1 for years, but only have won win since 2021. Throughout 2023, Mercedes realised that their path was not the right one, so they changed course. Everyone wants to know if, in terms of the concept of the W15, Mercedes has opted for the Red Bull variant or have Mercedes gone down another route?

Toto Wolff and his team previously revealed that every aspect of the W15 has been tweaked. At the presentation on Wednesday, we will see for the first time if that is true!

Red Bull Racing

No one will deny that Red Bull Racing is also the big favourite for both world titles in 2024. The RB20 will be presented on Thursday. It will be an evolution of the RB19, which was virtually unbeatable in 2023. But chances are slim that these will be the talking points at the launch. Particularly interesting is whether team boss Christian Horner will be present in Milton Keynes.

The Brit is currently the subject of an investigation into alleged inappropriate behaviour, and his possible presence could considerably overshadow the presentation. It is unconfirmed whether Horner will make an appearance on Thursday. What was initially supposed to be a great day for Red Bull will be dominated in advance by a case that has gripped the whole of Formula 1 for days.

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